Many supermarkets today don't have butchers. All their meat is shipped pre-packaged to the stores where clerks stock the meat cases. Check the label on the pre-packaged beef products and you will find the statement..."Enhanced with up to a ten percent solution." While this gives the beef a brighter red color and extends the "sell by date" on the package, it also adds a 12% sodium level to the beef.

Because your safety and the safety of your family are important to us, nobody take product freshness more seriously than Woods Supermarkets.

It is the small white flecks and tiny lines of fat that you will find in all Butchers' Pride USDA CHOICE Beef. It is called marbled or marbling because it resembles the markings found in the finest marble used for exquisite architecture and work of art and the tiny polished marble balls that became a popular children's game. As the beef is cooked, the marbling melts away giving the beef its superior flavor, juiciness and tenderness. It is just one of the reasons Butchers' Pride is Distinctively Better Beef.

Ground Beef is a standard in the American diet. From the classic hamburger hot off the grill to family favorites like casseroles, meat loafs, tacos and chili, ground beef is the quickest, easiest, most versatile selection in the meat case.

To ensure consistency, freshness, quality and the most flavorful meals, Woods Supermarkets exclusively offers Butchers' Pride Certified Ground Beef.

Woods Butchers' Pride USDA TOP CHOICE BEEF is distinctly different from and superior to beef marketed under just the USA CHOICE label.

All U.S. Government food handling safety regulartions are followed to the nth degree every step of the way:

  1. By an official USDA inspector to make sure it meets government standards for quality and safety.
  2. And then we do more.

  3. By one of our Midwestern processor's own highly trained meat experts whose sole job is to insure that the beef meets their even higher standards for safety and quality.
  4. By Woods Butchers, the meat experts for whom Butchers' Pride Beef was named.

That's at least three sets of trained eyes checking to make sure the USDA CHOICE BEEF you buy in our stores meets the rigorous quality and safety standard Woods demands.