Save A Label Program

Woods Supermarket partners with AWG to raise money for your local schools and non-profit organizations.

The Save A Label program has proven to be very successful. With over 13,000 non-profits and schools participating, nearly 1.2 million cases of Best Choice product labels have been submitted! Representing a wonderful support to the local communities in 23 different states.

Interested in participating?

  1. Complete a registration card through AWG and receive an information packet in the mail.
  2. When your participants shop a Woods, purchase Best Choice branded products.
  3. Save your Best Choice labels, including the UPC.
  4. Submit bundles of 1,000 UPC's and earn your organization $30 in cash for each bundle!

Visit for more information.

Best Choice Save a Label Program

Charitable Donation

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In an effort to help the local communities, we provide an easy way for Woods guests to donate food to local families in need. Annually, Woods guests purchase $5 or $10 grocery bags and the purchased items are then donated to our Food Bank partners to be distributed locally.

Some of our Food Bank partners include:
member-of-feeding-america-logoozarks-food-harvest-foodbank logo
the-food-bank-for-central-and-northeast-missouri-square logoharvesters-community-food-netowrk-logo

Feeding Our Furry Friends

Annually, we run a program to assist the communities to donate to their local animal shelters. Guests purchase a $5 or $10 bag of pet food and it is then donated to our furry friends. In 2017, guests donated nearly 5,800 pounds of pet food.


Charitable Contributions

Since the year 2013, Woods Supermarket has donated over $91,000 to area charities and organizations. Woods prides itself in its committment to helping the local communities.

The Woods Family Charitable Fund has also donated over $89,000 in charitable donations in 2017. This is all made possible because of our great and loyal guests' support.

We will continue to seek out ways to help our communities and give back to those who have helped us be successful.

Food Bank Donations

Woods Supermarket continues to give back to the community with food donations to our local food banks. Since 2013, we have donated over 230,000 lbs of product. Rather than wasting perishable items, it is donated to local families.

woods grocery bags with donated items

Bolivar Splash Pad

In July 2016, Bolivar Missouri had its grand opening for a new park, including a splash pad, basketball courts, and a communal area. Woods Supermarket had the unique opportunity to be a part of the community's efforts to restore a neglected part of town. Woods donations financed the splash pad portion of the new park. Bolivar families now have a safe, fun way to spend their summers.

Woods Donates for Bolivar Splash Pad