Energy & Conservation

The success of our conservation and sustainability programs stem from our attitude of delivering more than expected. By choosing high-efficiency materials and instituting strict protocols we have been able to increase efficiency 35%.

Daily Operations

Operating a growing supermarket has a lot of moving parts. Many retailers will build and run their cooling systems at above necessity to avoid the risk of missing company standards and the burden of micro-managing equipment. At Woods, we go the extra mile by sizing our systems and engineering everything to operate just how we need, nothing more. By using only what we need and not more, we contribute to our 35% improved efficiency rating.

Store hygiene is important for our health and general cleanliness. We take it a set further to ensure our machines are benefitting also. Expected by all of our employees, we keep our machines clear and clean. We strive to maintain their high efficiency and avoid bad ventilation or having to replace equipment early.

We strive to maintain all Department of Energy Standards within our store locations.

Replacing and Upgrading

Energy efficient technology is always advancing and becoming more readily available. At Woods, we are dedicated to upgrading to stay on track. As stores require maintenance, we replace old lighting with high-efficient LED lighting. We even participate with local energy companies to help upgrade sooner.

Like our lighting, we follow a similar protocol for our cooling units by replacing motors with Energy Conservative Motors or ECM and replace compressors with scroll compressors. We have seen as much as a 20% increase in cooling energy efficiency by doing this!

New Stores

New stores are built with a high standard of efficiency. LED lighting, ECM cooling, High-Efficient Insulation, and strict operation protocols come standard.

Solar Energy

Woods Supermarket Lake of the Ozarks utilizes solar energy to power the parking lot lighting. As solar continues to advance, we will continue to consider more green energy alternatives.

Woods Conservation and Energy Green Bulb