Recycling & Waste

Every single Woods location has adopted a commitment to prioritize environmental sustainability. At every Woods store you can find green recycling containers that are available for guest disposal of both plastic and paper products, with an intention of adding more recycling options over time. Woods teammates are champions of the environment and are always looking for ways make your Woods experience clean, green and enjoyable. Woods is working with both our teammates and guests to eliminate plastic shopping bag waste. Reusable grocery bags are available for purchase at every store.

Efforts & Results

  • Recycling efforts at Woods have resulted in 15.5 tons of plastic & 1,302 tons of paper being kept out of the landfill so far in 2017
  • Approximately 1,317 tons of paper/plastic/cardboard every year, or 110 tons per month, is being removed from the trash waste stream
  • Digital coupons help save on paper waste, and provide guest convenience

Food Waste Diversion

Our guests trust us to provide high quality products to enhance their lives, and we believe this responsibility extends to managing our surplus. We partner with local food banks to post-dated, still consumable items out the landfill. For the year 2013 to now, we have donated over 230,000 lbs. of product.

Reuseable Grocery Bags

Woods has offered reusable shopping bags for over 10 years. During this time we have sold 1,000's of reusable bags and given away many more. We teach, coach and train our cashiers to reduce the use of plastic and paper bags on the front end by focusing on proper bagging. We set goals for each store to reduce the amount of bags used and report on the progress the stores are making. Woods guests are also making a difference by using reusable shopping bags. These types of efforts have a positive impact on our Earth.

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