About Woods

Real Fresh. Real Fast. Real People

At Woods, fast and fresh go hand in hand. We give our guests the fastest possible service to get them on their way and put fresh food on the table.

We are a part of the community and we are proud to deliver quality food in convenient locations across Missouri.

Our Mission:

Woods Supermarket helps our guests eat
better and invigorate the connection to
friends and family. We nourish our
communities with our fresh food, fast
service, and modern innovations.


Serving Our Communities Since 1947

Woods Supermarkets Inc, began in 1947 in Long Lane, MO when Don and Bertha Woods, purchased a small country general store.  Their first teammate was Bert Burton, whose job was to do whatever was needed, which is the mark of a true grocer. Since our company was established decades ago, Woods Supermarket has continued to offer true values throughout all locations and departments.

From those humble beginnings, Woods Supermarket has grown to 10 supermarkets in the state of Missouri. There are also three Woods Express locations that have convenient fuel stations where our guests can redeem their fuel rewards. We also serve as a reliable pharmacy at 7 locations so you can pick up your prescription refills at the same time you shop for groceries. Additionally, Woods is continually looking for expansion opportunities.

Whether you are looking for general groceries, premium meats, beer, propane, seafood, fruits, vegetables, or health and care, you can guarantee that Woods Supermarket will offer you true value with a big smile. Woods Supermarket strives to be more than just a grocery store, but a general location that serves as a source for quality goods and services for the community.

Woods Supermarket is here to help you find what you need!