Medicare Part D

Accepting Medicare Part D at Woods

About Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is insurance for medication. It’s designed to save you money, and depending on what plan you choose, covers different prescription drugs. Details on specific plans medication coverage are available on

Preferred Medicare Part D Plans

Company NamePlan Name
Blue MedicareRx (PDP)Blue MedicareRx Enhanced (PDP)
Blue MedicareRx (PDP)Blue MedicareRx Plus (PDP)
Blue MedicareRx (PDP)Blue MedicareRx Value (PDP)
Clear Spring HealthClear Spring Health Premier Rx (PDP)
Clear Spring HealthClear Spring Health Value Rx (PDP)
Elixir InsuranceElixir RxPlus (PDP)
CignaCigna Secure Rx (PDP)
CignaCigna Secure-Essential Rx (PDP)
CignaCigna Secure-Extra Rx (PDP)
Express Scripts MedicareExpress Scripts Medicare - Choice (PDP)
Express Scripts MedicareExpress Scripts Medicare - Saver (PDP)
Express Scripts MedicareExpress Scripts Medicare - Value (PDP)
Mutual of Omaha RxMutual of Omaha Rx Plus (PDP)
Mutual of Omaha RxMutual of Omaha Rx Premier (PDP)


Medicare Part D Plans Accepted

Company NamePlan Name
HumanaHumana Basic Rx Plan (PDP)
HumanaHumana Premier Rx Plan (PDP)
HumanaHumana Walmart Value Rx Plan (PDP)
Aetna MedicareSilverScript Choice (PDP)
Aetna MedicareSilverScript Plus (PDP)
Aetna MedicareSilverScript SmartRx (PDP)
WellCareWellCare Classic (PDP)
WellCareWellCare Medicare Rx Saver (PDP)
WellCareWellCare Medicare Rx Select (PDP)
WellCareWellCare Medicare Rx Value Plus (PDP)
WellCareWellCare Value Script (PDP)
WellCareWellCare Wellness Rx (PDP)
UnitedHealthcareAARP MedicareRx Preferred (PDP)
UnitedHealthcareAARP MedicareRx Saver Plus (PDP)

*Not limited to these plans based on PBM contracts. 

Are you eligible?

Current Medicare A or B recipients are currently able to enroll in Medicare Part D. Open Enrollment ends Dec. 7. If you’re not currently enrolled in Medicare Part D, you’re able to enroll at certain times in your life.

  • Initial Enrollment happens 3 months before and after your 65th birthday.
  • If you’ve delayed getting Medicare Part D because you had employer coverage, you’re eligible when that ends. You need to sign up within two months of that date.
  • If you’re under 65, you can still enroll for Medicare Part D if you have a Qualifying Disability. You’re eligible 3 months before and after your 25th month of Social Security or disability benefits.

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