Adding Digital Coupons to Your Woods Rewards Card

Adding Digital Coupons to Your Woods Rewards Card

Posted on February 20th, 2018 by Sterling Green

Learn more about using Woods Digital Coupons
Digital Coupons work just like paper coupons, but more convenient! You load them to your Woods Rewards Card and get immediate savings at checkout.  They're fast, easy and no scissors necessary!

Two Ways to Get Digital Coupons
Download the FREE App for iPhones or Android, or visit to view and select your coupons. Selected coupons are automatically loaded to your Woods Rewards Card and are instantly ready to use.

Don't have a Woods account? Sign up here!

Redeeming Digital Coupons

After you've loaded your Digital Coupons to your Woods Rewards Card by selecting them, just shop! You can select your items in person, or save time by shopping online. Use your Woods Rewards Card at checkout and see immediate savings on qualifying items with Digital Coupons!

Digital Coupon FAQs

What do I need to use Digital Coupons?
You'll need to have a Woods account. You can sign up for free at or through our Mobile App and register your Woods Rewards Card.

How do I get a Woods Rewards Card? 
You can get your Woods Rewards Card at any Woods Location, or use the phone number that you've registered with your online account.

What if I already have a digital account? 
If you already have a digital account with your active Woods Rewards Card information, you are ready to go. Simply log in and start using digital coupons today.

How do I load Digital Coupons to my Woods Rewards Card?
To load coupons to your card, just click on the “Clip & Save” button underneath each coupon.

How long does it take until my Digital Coupons are active on my card? 
Coupons are available as soon as you load the offers to your card.

How many times can I use a Digital Coupon? 
Just like paper coupons, you can only use a specific Digital Coupon offer one time. If you buy several of the same item, the discount will only apply to the first item purchased, and will be deactivated until the coupon's expiration date.

How many Digital Coupons can I use per shopping trip? 
There is no limit to the number of different Digital Coupon offers that you redeem, BUT each individual coupon may only be redeemed one time.

How will I know if my Digital Coupons were deducted from my purchases?
Digital offer deductions/discounts will appear on your receipt below the qualifying item(s).

Can I load the same Digital Coupon onto different Woods Rewards Cards?
Most offers are available for loading one time per household.

Can I download Digital Coupons in the store and use them during that visit?
Yes, offers will be loaded to your card within a few minutes and are available for use right away.

How long are Digital Coupons available?
Coupon start and end dates vary based on the offer. Each coupon shows the corresponding expiration date.

Do Digital Coupons double?
Digital coupons do not double.

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