Every Friday is “FRESH FRIDAY”

Every Friday is “FRESH FRIDAY”

Posted on January 18th, 2018 by Sterling Green

We Do Fresh

Here at Woods, we are kicking off 2018 with “WE DO FRESH”.

We will be focusing on fresher produce, increased variety, and more nutritional information.  Look for the ‘WE DO FRESH” signs to check out some of our new cut fruits and vegetable varieties.  AND EVERY FRIDAY IS FRESH FRIDAY – Save 10% on your order of fresh cut fruits and veggies in the Woods Produce Department!

Start your new year with healthier options for you and your family. 

What do you know about your favorite fruits and veggies?

Enjoy some of this Tasty Trivia and impress your friends with your new knowledge!

  • Strawberries aren’t berries

Botanically speaking, berries have their seeds on the inside. An average strawberry has about 200 seeds on the outside fleshy part of its flower. So strawberries aren’t berries, but bananas are.

  • Tomatoes are botanically a fruit, but legally a vegetable

In 1893 a food importer wanted to label tomatoes as fruit in order to have a lower import tax. The tax collector insisted that tomatoes be recognized as vegetables. This disagreement set off the U.S. Supreme Court case of Nix vs. Hedden where it was ruled that tomatoes will be treated as a vegetable

  • Potatoes were the first food grown in space

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and NASA partnered to help create the first space spuds. In 1996 the Space Shuttle Columbia successfully grew what have come to be known as “Quantum Tubers”.


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