We Now Feature 100% Grass Fed Beef

We Now Feature 100% Grass Fed Beef

Posted on July 27th, 2018 by Sterling Green

Healthy, Nutritious Beef

The producers at Grass Run Farms are a network of Midwest family farms who focus on sustainable management of grass fed beef.

Grass Run Farms offers a variety of steaks, roasts, ground beef and hot dogs and Woods Supermarket is pleased to provide this environmentally conscious, with no added hormones or antibiotics ever, healthy and tasty choice to our customers. Pick up some grass fed beef today, and discover the difference naturally lean beef with no artificial ingredients makes.

Available now in these locations: Bolivar, Lake Ozark, Sunrise Beach, Sedalia East

Grass Run Farms cattle consume native, forage diets their entire lives where they have room to roam and graze the local green pastures with access to natural water supplies and clean, open air.

100% grass-fed; no grain, no animal by-products … ever! NEVER given antibiotics, hormones, or growth promotants Humane animal welfare at harvest Grazing and pasture access whenever possible Product of USA

Learn more about grass fed beef that’s good for you, the animals, and the land at www.grassrunfarms.com


Blog, Meat | July 27th, 2018